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Arcon started its life in about 1994 as a room designer. See ArCon History .

Arcon was developed using both Delphi and C++, and the current version is still in Delphi 2 and C++, and so is not a .Net product.
All versions based on the Arcon engine are cut down version of the professional version which is only sold in the German market.

Although Arcon product are developed in German, in Germany, the German company is owned by a UK company Eleco.

Although it does run on Windows 7, it is not fully Windows 7 compliant.

It is a very powerful application and has many add on products, most of which are only available in the German market for the professional version.

For many years, one of the major strengths/features of Arcon was the o2c / aco 3d object. This was specifically developed for Arcon and has more recenty continued its own separate development path. However this unique advantage has erroded in he last few years since the introduction of alternative 3D formats such as U3D.

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